How to Videos

There are many powerful applets loaded into the KW Nurture platform, but it is super important that you understand the basics, so we have listed ‘how-to’ videos in a step by step process.

Welcome to the tech-enabled estate agent!

Step 1: Structure your database

Tagging your database

Organise and understand your numbers with SmartLists

Use Opportunities to automate call reminders 

Step 2: Understanding the contact section

Contact section explanation

Send messages/newsletters in bulk / smart lists

Step 3: Creating content

Creating Emails (new builder)

Video’s included in emails

Amend your Email Signature

New Email Templates, including 36 touch, blogs and newsletters

Step 4: Workflows/Campaigns

What is a workflow / How to amend and automate touchpoints

Step 5: Integrations

Integrate your Google My Business and Facebook Account with Nurture

Link Paid Facebook lead forms directly into KW Nurture