Recommended Services for KW Agents.

Helping you to become the Tech-Enabled Estate Agent

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Keller Williams in-house services

Keller Williams World Class Marketing Service

Propel is an in-house subscription service to deliver growth. Choose whether to receive guidance, content or ask them to do it all for you. The choice is yours!

Automated Touchpoint CRM

Systematically contact your database with pre-built campaigns and multiple touchpoint methods, including email, SMS and automated voicemails.

Self-Serve Lead Generation

Become an expert lead generator with automated artificial intelligence. A simple to use platform with custom audiences to attract applicants and sellers.

Managed Lead Generation 

Increase your database with full contact details, including homeowner name, address, telephone and email address. We do it for you.

Lettings & Property Management

Become the property management expert by leveraging our in-house, on-brand platform. Reduce administrative tasks and focus on growing your agency.

Personal Brand Websites

Take your business to the next level with a fully functional website, including property search and valuation bookings.  All hosted and managed!

Online Auctions – Branded to you

Become an Auctioneer with no upfront costs. Keep control of the service and keep more of the fee with a simple fixed fee arrangement

Top Secret

The vision is big, the vision is clear – VISION is coming…

Recommended Suppliers

Target on-market properties

Daily dashboard listing the homes you need to target with automatic triggers points, including, on the market for 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 26, 52 weeks, price drops, fallen through and delisted. The ultimate platform to know when and what homes to canvas with handwritten notes and door knocking. The One Thing – everyday!

Get local market share info for FREE (Insight)

£30 per month

Fast Valuation Reports 

Instantly showcase your local knowledge by creating valuation reports in seconds for any property throughout the UK. Homesearch features local housing data, recent sales and current homes for sale with the average price per SQ/FT – all branded to your estate agency.


Save 50%

Discounted Monthly

Professional Photography

Drive maximum interest for your listed homes by hiring a professional photographer. Hotshoe offers an online booking platform and has a 24-hour turnaround. KW Recommends Hotshoe for Photographs and Floorplans.


Price: £90+vat

Per property