Social Media Lead Generation

Compete for the early stage listings by capturing leads via an instant valuation tool. Delivered in-house by the KW Grow team, we create your advert, manage and optimise.

Find out how it works

Facebook Advert


We create a branded advert on your business Facebook page, to boost your personal brand awareness.


We define a custom audience including demographics, interests and buying habits, dependent on the size of your postcode user base.


Your advert is optimised continuously looking for similar people to control your cost per lead and maximise your reach.

Instant Valuation Capture form


Visitors confirm their address, number of bedrooms and property type


Whether they are interested in a sale or letting valuation, they then enter their name, telephone and email.


Valuation is displayed along with recently sold homes, energy ratings, cost calculators and a listing appointment booking form.

Lead Delivery


Upon submission each lead is given the option to book an in-home valuation, directly with you.


You receive an instant email with the lead contact details and valuation ranges. Key is to call back within minutes, for the best conversion rates.


Speed is of the essence; if you can call them as they are still on the valuation results page the chances in building rapport increase significantly.


Let’s Get You Going

Current results – £50 monthly campaign

In our pilot scheme, every agent has booked listing appointments and expects to secure a minimum of 2 listings – over time.

Cost per lead (£)

Cost per 1,000 people


Ready – Steady – GO!


Confirm Post Code

Inform us of your core local market – we will analyse the audience size and set a radius to achieve the lowest cost per lead



Confirm your budget – minimum is £50 a month.



The regional team will send an invoice, once paid – your advert is live and the leads start coming in!

Book your campaign and start generating leads!

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Why are social leads so important?

Leverages technology to increase your database

Builds mindshare for you so you can focus on offline lead generation

Educates your brand for less than 1p per person in your core market

Targets sellers at the research stage so you can build a relationship