Less Work
Better Ads
More Leads

Become an expert lead generator with automated artificial intelligence. A simple to use platform with custom audiences built-in.

Find applicants or promote your ‘just sold’ homes – the choice is yours. With one goal – to drive leads into your business!

How does it work?

Choose the type of lead, location and qualification method, and the platform will do the rest. All through machine learning, systematically searching for digital twins to improve lead volume and quality.  

Create new campaign

Choose your campaign type and then select whether your goal is to collect leads (recommended) or maximise traffic to your destination page

Choose your advert

With built-in advert examples – quickly edit the wording and choose the destination pages in seconds. You can even personalise the advert with your photo!

Location and budget

Choose the location of your advert (radius tool included) and your qualification preference. Select your budget, approve the campaign – and its all done – leads will now be emailed!

Advertise a listing


Promote a listing to capture applicant leads and grow your buyer network


Applicants will either want to view the specific property or represent further opportunities to offer a buyer service


Around 60% of applicants will have a requirement to sell - a great tool to drive listings


Deliver a pro-active service and increase your value proposition. Charge an upfront marketing fee to your client or secure higher fees for 'finding buyers other agents cannot'


Download the KW AI customer facing brochure – here

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